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Choose more than effort, when you have no choice when you can only work hard


New year new weather, after a year, began to enter the working condition.

Everyone says that "the choice is greater than the effort", after the rise of millet Lei Jun has been advocating the "outlet theory", a cut point to the importance of choice. This sentence itself is no problem, but the reality of the situation often teach us that you do not have a good choice, then you can only do the choice can only be "hard."


There are two main considerations:

1, the real opportunity to undertake a high cost, McMaster-Carr is not the general Cock wire can afford, even if received is also difficult to take the stability. Like Wickershi and have such resources, Cock silk wholesalers simply can not take, even if you pick up basically does not turn. Finally, became a cannon fodder, to help other colleagues to do the wedding dress.

2, a single brand-led rise of the "window period" has passed. Factories are strong sense of crisis, leaving the peer can be drilled loopholes basically does not exist; Moreover, the rise of the Alliance, varying degrees, in the weakening of the dominant plant, this representative of the plant did not rise soil. Like the energy, then the funds to support agents is very large, and now the environment even if the energy out of the factory and exactly the same, there is no ability to throw money like energy, so leave you a big opportunity is too scarce.


In short, those who can instantly accomplish your "choice" basically does not exist, leaving you the only option is "hard" efforts to powerless, there may be a miracle.


This year the Internet circle "live" is the fire, the author by the wind began to watch live on the YY platform, feeling very deep, the success of a large anchor in addition to the talent more by the efforts. McMaster-Carr heard the most word is to adhere to live every day, the Chinese New Year we have holidays, others anchor or as always, "endless life, more than struggle."


Most impressed me is not the MC King God Bless, but an outdoor anchor "Little Lightning", to be honest the small lightning live quality is not high, laugh less, according to conventional standards I do not like this anchor.


But a kind of professionalism and Pinbo spirit deeply touched the author, and passed a full positive energy. About a month ago, he riding a simple three-riding after more than 20 days from Shandong all the way out to the northeast of Jilin, much more cold winter it? We do not open the car to open the heater feel cold to death, riding a window with no three-wheel ride all the way to the northeast, almost no one.


This courage, this perseverance, this insistence is really admirable, I believe most of his fans do not necessarily like the burden of his language, more appreciation of his efforts to Pinbo spirit.


Back to our electromechanical circle, since you make a great opportunity to fly very little, it can only rely on others to work harder to narrow the gap with their peers. Your efforts in addition to their own to consolidate a greater strategic depth, while this attitude will also affect your suppliers, your customers, once touched them, not too much in the conditions related to the case, they are absolutely frustrated to step on The ground supports you.


Effort is not a slogan, in your work to reflect the details of the value. Your customer service can not improve a little better, you can pay the supplier a little more timely, you communicate with customers can not be a little closer, you can understand the industry information more comprehensive, you inventory Management can not be more efficient,. . . . . . .


Need to work a lot of things to see if you are willing to enter the "efforts to powerless" state.

Have the same sense of a small partner turn away!