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The main method of market analysis


1, data analysis

Based on the company's existing sales staff, regional, customer, product, time sales data analysis. The three dimensions of the product, industry, and region, and the pie chart (the current pattern), the trend graph (time change), the cubic graph (quantity and growth). A general and focused secondary analysis is usually performed.

2, SWOT analysis

McMaster-Carr is one of the most widely used methods in market analysis, from the analysis of opportunities and threats of external environment, the advantages and disadvantages of enterprises, and the analysis of four dimensions.

3, Boston matrix analysis

An analysis of the product portfolio helps to analyze the composition of the product line.

4,4 P analysis

Classical products, price, sales model (channel), marketing (promotion) of the four aspects of the analysis method. In this case,

5,4 C analysis

From the customer point of view, customers, cost, convenience, communication analysis. In this case,

6, product life cycle analysis

To determine the product in which the birth, growth, maturity, recession in different stages. In this case,

7, the target market

STP, market segmentation, target market, product positioning. In this case,

8, five power model

Existing competitors, potential entrants, substitutes, customers, suppliers. In this case,

9, strategic group analysis

This is an analysis of the major peers. In this case,

10, the macro-environment analysis

Economic, legal, political, humanities, science and technology. In this case,

11, micro-environmental analysis

Industry, competitors, downstream customers, upstream suppliers, alternatives, potential entrants. In this case,

12, special analysis

Related to the specific content, such as product shipment - supply chain analysis; McMaster-Carr product price - cost analysis; product quality - structural analysis.