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Improve the hardware processing plant profit the most effective way, here!


Doing business, the pursuit of profit. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of production costs, domestic hardware processing, McMaster-Carr machining business has been to the era of low-profit, how the cost increase, but lower product prices to improve our profits down it?

Improve production efficiency, cost savings, is already in front of us a new topic. Such as cost savings, how to save, what methods to save? Improve production efficiency, how to improve production efficiency, what methods to improve?

For these problems, combined with the reality of the approach to the general domestic hardware processing plant, for example, to see how to decide:

1: The introduction of new technologies to improve product reach rate

For the quality of hardware problems. To give an example of the mold, mold is good or bad product quality, mold die in order to achieve a successful and reduce the cost of waste, the company needs to introduce new technologies to improve the problem.

For the domestic hardware processing plants, mold molding is generally casting and cold stamping, so you can introduce mold flow software to analyze the rationality of mold design, whether there are product defects.

Through the calculation and analysis to change the defective problem, and finally to achieve a successful test model of the target, thereby greatly reducing the cost of mold repair and shorten the debugging and production cycle of the mold. The problem of a mold to solve, basically solved the cost reduction of 70% to 85%.

2: do the company packaging, improve the company's image

The strength of the company generally through the packaging, packaging business strategy is also a means of their own.

As long as each customer to visit, the company layout, the various new technologies and new software to display to the customer to see, so that customers know the strength of the company is more solid, so that the price of the production of products that customers have no words .

Customer orders given by the price will be adjusted according to the strength of the company, not all companies are the same.

3: improve product quality, reduce non-performing rate

Product quality problems, through the introduction of technology and quality control practices increase, the product yield will increase.

So the general quality control, but also with the lower cost is not a great direct relationship.

4: shorten the product cycle, speed up production time

Product production cycle, with the product's production cycle has a greater impact is the mold production cycle and product processing cycle.

Product processing cycle with the department to promote and have a great relationship, so the mold to solve the production cycle and departments with the problem, the problem can be solved.

5: optimize the process

The preparation of process. This is very important, the process is reasonable to directly affect the quality of the product, machine use, machine operation of the number of personnel and product production cycle.

Through the improvement of equipment, the introduction of equipment and the introduction of new technologies, making the process of the process becomes simple, or even become a process can be processed to complete the entire product.

6: resource sharing

Through the construction of information technology and the introduction of PDM or ERP, so that all departments to share data resources, and to achieve accuracy, timeliness, automation and integrity of the purpose, but also reduce the use of personnel and mobility issues.

7: the department with the problem

Generally is the technical department and the manufacturing sector with the problem, if not properly with the exclusion between the two departments, then the sample is difficult to make it down, thereby increasing the production cycle and increase costs.

Therefore, to solve the problems with the department, can make the sample smooth without any obstacles exist.

In short, McMaster-Carr with the continuous improvement of production costs, domestic hardware processing, mechanical processing industry only with their own operating characteristics, and constantly improve the production process, improve production efficiency, open source, in order to better in this low-profit era Survival and development.