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Hardware & Electrical industry transition dilemma breakthrough


China's economic growth is currently the main driving force is driven from demand to supply-driven conversion, not long ago the end of the Central Economic Work Conference in 2017 to speed up the supply side structural reform of the main tasks.

With millions of practitioners and trillion of output value of the traditional mechanical and electrical industry, the relationship between the national economy and people's livelihood. Hardware store based on the huge hardware and electrical industry, "Internet +" model is also infiltration, but because of product specificity, did not bring a fatal blow to the store.

On the contrary, some visionary store from the store image and enhance the customer experience in their ancestors step, and actively seek the opportunity to turn overtaking corner. Practitioners have also changed from a few decades of Zuoshang into a peddler, the overcapacity caused by the price war and marketing strategy is a single plagued the development of the industry two major ills.

Hardware and electrical industry for the price war between manufacturers Liu Yang Dean made three suggestions for improvement:

1 focus on creating explosive products, deepen brand awareness

Brand building is not simply rely on signs advertising and distribution store moves, shelves and other forms of display, McMaster-Carr traditional corporate propaganda is only a sense of brush, with little success. All brands have been deeply rooted enterprises never worry about rival price war, consumer brand loyalty is very high, they see is value, innovation and service. Companies need to develop a personalized brand strategy and tactics, rather than to imitate competitors.

2 to enhance the sales team's ability to communicate with the "domineering"

Through the system training to enhance the sales team's ability to communicate with the "domineering" and effective control channels. Once the impact of low-cost channels in the market, it will reduce dealer profits, the dealer will exit the passage of time, the product short-lived, reduced to market victims.

3 reduce the price promotion frequency

Many manufacturers in the process of inventory to take a variety of price-based promotions, although short-term access to sales, but it is the prelude to the brand into the abyss. Using some do not touch the price of promotional methods, such as the use of tourism feedback distributors, not only enhance the feelings but also enhance the team cohesion.

For the marketing strategy of a single status, Liu Yang Dean made two recommendations.

A reference FMCG industry experience

To learn from the FMCG industry training system and marketing experience and grafted to the industrial consumer goods, McMaster-Carr will produce a surprise effect.

Hardware and electrical industry early success of several major brands have recruited marketing professionals with the majority of fast moving consumer goods industry background, they received a systematic training system in Europe and the United States and the market has practical experience, and this is the metal mechanical and electrical industry short board.

2 Marketing and New Media Strategies

In the large-scale marketing activities to adopt multi-dimensional entertainment marketing and new media strategy, but also more with less.